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Welcome to the National Cassava & Fruits Research Center


Embrapa Cassava & Fruits has a physical base with total area of approximately 261 ha (645 acre) and a constructed area of 13,554 m2 (145,900 sqft). The Unit has a solid infrastructure that favors the execution of technical and scientific work, made up by a specialized library, offices, auditorium, 13 laboratories, training center and experimental areas. There are extensive greenhouse and other controlled environment facilities at the station. Specialized laboratories include those of Molecular Biology, Food Science and Technology, Tissue Culture, Entomology, Plant Pathology, Plant and Postharvest Physiology, Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, Soil Physics, Virology, Nematology, Cultural Practices and Meteorology, in addition to Units of cassava processing, production of conventional planting material, and production of in vitro plantlets (biofactory), the latter in partnership with a private enterprise.
In order to give more dynamism and efficiency to the works carried out, Embrapa Cassava & Fruits interlinked its diverse sectors and areas into a local informatic network, which is also linked to the National Research Network and to the Internet.